Alcohol Shots Gun

The Alcohol Shots Gun takes drinking to a whole new level! Want a shot that goes straight to the head? Simply fill the cartridge with the spirit of your choice, aim (for the mouth!) and shoot!
FILL-AIM-SHOOT-DRUNK! This is a new fun way to add a little fire to the party. The Alcohol shot gun will hold 1.5 ounces of booze (41 ml). Make it a game... who needs paintball when you've got the Alcohol Shot Gun?

The Alcohol Shots Gun is a hilarious way to serve alcohol shots at parties, events, bars and more! If picking up a glass seems far too much like hard work, just open your mouth for an intense shot of your favorite tipple. From Vodka to Tequila, create your own party games with this unique alcohol dispenser. Ideal for cowboy and gangster themed parties. Why not serve your drinks straight from the barrel...of a gun!

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