Aquarium Coffee Table

The perfect union of fish and a coffee table. This ever-changing aquatic habitat readily creates a relaxing atmosphere while offering everyday utility. Truly art in motion.
Innovative liquid luxury. Resting on a black acrylic pedestal, each table aquarium is illuminated from below a bed of blue glass gravel. The 25 gallon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium is shaped to fit your interior placement with all the elegance of a coffee table and a functional design of an aquarium. A solid 3/8' tempered 36 square glass top completes the system designed to provide years of enjoyment.

This square aquarium coffee table is a wonderful addition to any home or office.  Experience the wonder of the aquatic life from the top and the sides of this unique and stylish piece. Feel right at home watching the blue gravel gently glow while the lighting illuminates the tank from the base. The tank is hand made with durable cell cast acrylic that has more clarity and is over ten times stronger than glass. It makes the coffee table a conversation piece for guests as well as a relaxing and comfortable environment for your aquatic life.

Product Details:

  • 36 " square glass top
  • Base is 24 " x 24 " x 16 " H
  • 25 Gallon Style


  • 1 Set of Artificial Plant Decorations
  • 1 Clear Aquarium Tank
  • 1 Glass Top
  • 1 Black Acrylic Base with Access Panel
  • 1 Corner Power Filter
  • 4 Bags of Blue Glass Gravel
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