Bahamas Seaworld Tour

Enjoy this exciting adventure into the underwater world without getting wet! Begin with a Nassau Bahamas Harbour cruise then get an underwater view from an air-conditioned semi-submarine!

The Seaworld Explorer is a cruising, underwater observatory and guided marine tour. Renowned throughout the Caribbean as a popular tourist adventure, this semi-submarine provides a unique opportunity for everyone-not just divers and snorkelers-to experience the wonders of life under the waves. The Seaworld Explorer was originally designed and manufactured in Australia for research use on the Great Barrier Reef. The vessel remains above sea level at all times while its hull, the underwater observatory, is five feet below the surface.

Our signature tour is a quick, exciting adventure into the underwater world without getting wet!

Starting off we take you for a Harbour cruise between Paradise Islands and Nassau seeing all the houses of the rich and famous along with the downtown area and cruise port. Find out who vacation in the Bahamas along with you such as Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods!

After you have seen the harbour area you will arrive at our semi-submarine where you will transfer vessels and begin the underwater portion of the tour from the comfort of your very own portal in an underwater air conditioned moving observatory. Our guide knows all the fish by name .. such as George and Henry and can tell you what type of fish they are. Watch them gather around when the captain drops his sandwich overboard! You will also get to see all the fantastic living reefs as you glide over the coral gardens.

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