Batman Snuggie Throw

Now you can pretend to be the Dark Knight in the comfort of your own home. And keep all snug and toasty, too!
Do you want to be a superhero who fights enemies like cold and exercise while keeping food from spoiling and precious televisions from being abandoned? Well then, grab this Batman Comfy Throw Blanket and prepare for battle!

Perfect for the man who is always there to help you when there is a spider in your bathroom, there’s a noise outside or just to take the trash to the curb. He'll look just like his favorite superhero – with all the flexibility of a blanket with sleeves.

This Batman Snuggie is officially licensed by DC Comics. The look is complete with blue boots, yellow utility belt and the famous yellow and black Batman emblem across the chest. And, of course, those chiseled abs. The throw will fit most men (and female Batman fans too) and is perfect for settling down for a Dark Knight movie night.

  • Adult size Batman Comfy Costume Throw
  • One size fits most adults
  • Great for Halloween or a Christmas Gift
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