Bullet AK47 Ice Cube Tray

Freshen up that killer drink with a round from the Bullet Ice Tray! Show James Bond how it's done and add a little sophistication to your parties with this amazing ice cube tray.
Nothing more chilling than a bullet! The AK-47 is an extremely reliable weapon. Also known as a Kalashnikov, it has been in service for over 60 years and produced in over 25 countries. It remains highly prized by those who desire a weapon that will shoot every time. Its name is feared throughout the world, and its signature bark chills the blood. And a chill is not necessarily a bad thing.

On a hot day, a chill is just what you want on your drink, for example. When the sun beats down, sometimes what you want is a little liquid refreshment with a little ice. Sure, ice cubes may be what you reach for first, but what if you wanted to make your drink a bit more "killer?"

This new ice cube tray has two halves. When filled and frozen, it looks just like the magazine of the venerable AK-47. Upon opening, out spills 10 beautiful ice bullets, crystalline, deadly, and delicious. Drop them into your beverage, and serve up a killer cocktail guaranteed to turn heads. So next time you need some ice-cold refreshment, turn not to pedestrian cubes. Choose instead an icy cartridge!

  • Features Tray that makes 10 cartridge shaped ice-cubes
  • When closed looks like an AK-47 magazine
  • 22 cm x 7.5 cm x 2 cm
  • Makes cartridges 6.5 cm long
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
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