Cell Phone Waterproofing

Save your smart phone from becoming a dumb phone. Unexpected water gun fight; no problem. Spilled wine on your phone or dropped it in the sink; wipe it off and keep going.

For all of us.
Maybe you're a little like us. Maybe you've had the untimely death of a device because of a little water. No more! Get Liquipel, get wet and keep going.
Worry-free fun.
It’s surprising how much more you can do with your Liquipelled device. Talking in the rain; no problem. Unexpected water gun fight; no setback. Spilled wine on your phone or dropped it in the sink; grab it, wipe it off and keep going.
Makes & models
Apple, Samsung, HTC & Motorola are just a few of the makes we cover. Can your device be made watersafe?
Liquipel is a revolutionary process that applies a watersafe coating to your electronic devices to protect them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. It is not visible to the human eye, virtually undetectable and Liquipel will not compromise the look, feel, and performance of your electronics.
Liquipel penetrates the entire device as a whole, including all of the vital components inside and out to provide optimal protection against accidental contact with liquids.
What is Liquipel?
Liquipel is a Nano coating that protects your device from accidental water damage.
My device has been Liquipelled; can I take it swimming or surfing?
NO! Just because your device has been further protected does not mean it can be used in this way. It is similar to buying a case for your device and asking to throw it at the ground. It is just common sense to try and take care of your device.  If you want to do this you need a specialty bulky case. Liquipel is a preventative coating to help protect from accidental water exposure.
What do you mean when you say “accidental water exposure”?
Accidental water exposure refers to the situations that cause most electronics to become water damaged. Liquipel was designed as a preventative coating to help guard against rain, spills, baby drool and short term submersion such as the sink or toilet (though we hope you never find out). These scenarios comprise most of the water damage that happens to electronics.
If my electronic is accidentally exposed to water after being Liquipelled what do I do?
Do not panic! Please follow the aftercare instructions such as drying the device as much as possible, powering down the unit (if it is not an emergency and you do not need to make a call), removing the battery and battery cover if possible and not restarting until it has dried. Please note not to charge your device for 24 hours until it has dried out.
If my phone is not working what do I do?
Please remain calm and follow the aftercare instructions. The Liquipel coating will prevent corrosion from forming on the device. Devices that have heavy water exposure will take time to dry before the features become fully functional again.
What if my electronic does not turn back on or is broken will Liquipel replace it?
No, Liquipel is not able to tell whether your device was barely exposed to moisture or taken scuba diving and therefore cannot assume any risk if you break your device.
What is the proper way to use my Liquipelled device?
Use it just as you would any normal electronic but with the peace of mind that you can safely use it near bodies of water (edge of pool) or in high humidity places (in bathroom while showering). In addition, wet hands, spilled drinks and talking in the rain are worries of the past.
What is the wrong way to use my Liquipelled device?
Taking your device swimming or needlessly exposing it to water. Situations such as showing off at a bar by putting your phone in your drink while drinking out of it are sure to cause trouble. Furthermore, extreme cold in iced drinks is very bad for LCD (liquid crystal displays) screens. Regardless of being Liquipelled this can break the screen in your device.  Purposeful exposure to moisture is done at the customers own risk.
Does the coating cover up my headphone jack and charging port?
The Liquipel process does go into the headphone jacks and charging ports but does not hinder your device in any way. Liquipel is a non conductive coating that allows currents to transfer back and forth when there is a direct connection. What this means is you are able to charge, use headphones and access micro usb or sim cards just as you did before with no problem.
How does my device get returned?
As soon as your device has been Liquipelled, we'll pack it up in a beautiful tin surrounded by protective foam.
What about mics and speakers?
The liquipel coating is not "heavy" enough to distort your sound quality from your speakers or damage the mic. It does however keep the soft materials most speakers are made of from breaking down when exposed to moisture. Some models (such as iPhone 4) have channels that the speakers play through. It will be hard to hear the music until the water dries from this channel. Liquipel is about preserving your device and all of its functionality.

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