Chimp Chopsticks

No more holding chopsticks together with a rubber band. This chimp shaped holder has chopsticks ending in two "hands" to make sushi grabbing a breeze!

Having trouble taming your chopsticks? You're not alone. You could practice for a few more years or you could just call the CHOPSTICK CHIMP for help. The Chimpstick provides chopsticks and chopstick holder in a fun monkey shape. These soft, washable, food-safe hinges really keep your chopsticks in line and add an element of fun to the dining experience. Great for children to learn chopstick use or for adults who are chopstick impaired.

Product Features
  • Monkey theme is a real winner
  • Real looking monkey hand on the tips of the chopsticks
  • Very functional
  • Both kids and adults will love these chopsticks
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