Cordless Corkscrew

Reward yourself for your hard work. This cordless screwdriver does double duty with a nifty corkscrew attachment.
The newly designed IXO Vino not only makes the perfect gift for any DIY enthusiast, wine fanatic or anyone who appreciates inventive design, it s also a great talking point when opening wine at a dinner party. The IXO Vino with exclusive corkscrew attachment: the world's bestselling power tool is now more than just a cordless screwdriver. The IXO Vino is a fusion of Bosch's bestselling screwdriver with an innovative wine opening attachment.

First launched in 2010, the IXO Vino has become such a popular gift that Bosch Power Tools has launched three limited- edition designs. This small and handy tool can take on a wide range of everyday screwdriving tasks around the home, and now can even remove corkscrews. The screwdriver has all the features of the standard IXO but now includes this limited-edition corkscrew attachment.

The team behind this exclusive range are young Russian designers Aleksandra and Daria Gantseva, known as SashaDasha Design, from Moscow. They have tailor-made three different motifs for the IXO s corkscrew adapter--whichever one you choose, it'll be sure to impress:

  • The Languages edition includes seven translations of the word corkscrew on a black background
  • The Vine Leaves edition features red vine leaves on a white background
  • The 'Wine Goblet' edition features white wine glasses on a black background
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