SOLElites Light Up Shoes

Individually hand made to order using custom molds, SOLElites are made with high impact rubber with high brightness LED lighting, the same used by the studio that makes Ironman suits for the film.

If given the chance most people that recently saw Disney’s TRON Legacy in 3D at IMAX theaters around the world would jump at the opportunity to experience the digital world of The Grid. Light Cycles, identity discs, lighted battle armor, Light Jets. How far down the line are we from seeing TRON like outfits used for daily wear? It may be sooner than you think. The lighting effects and electronic function designer for the helmets used in TRON Legacy, A.J. Catalano has created an offering of custom light up shoes called “SOLElites”.

SOLElites are very labor intensive haut couture shoes made with a  high impact rubber light layer with high brightness LED lighting, the same used by the studio who makes Ironman suits for the film. All shoes are highly exclusive and individually hand made to order. Custom molds are made for each shoe. They are super bright, with an option for a constant on or flash as you walk settings.

All standard SOLElites are $750.00 and are made withyour choice of color Converse All Star Chuck Taylors. You can also opt for  $850 custom shoes made from your own flat soled shoe. Custom shoes are to be provided and shipped by the customer.

Colors provided for lights are Cool White or Blue. Special order colors are available.
All individual orders take between 2-4 weeks for manufacture and delivery.
Large quantity orders will take longer depending on quantity.

You’ll be the coolest kid on the block, or the club since no one else will have these jewels!
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