Darth Vader Toaster

Start your day off right with this officially licensed, fully functional toaster that prints Darth Vader's picture on every piece of bread.

Everyone LOVES Star Wars. The six films in this series spanned across four decades and can only be described as epic. Who doesn't want to have a part of an epic movie franchise? That is why we truly believe that a Darth Vader Toaster would be an added addition to any kitchen counter or a great gag gift for any Star Wars lover

We all know that the toaster a person purchases speaks volumes about them. Why be like every other boring person out there and buy a normal toaster? A Darth Vader Toaster can set you and your kitchen apart from the rest.

Gone will be the days of dragging yourself down to the kitchen before work to make your toast in a bland toaster. The Darth Vader Toaster can give any Star Wars fan a great start to their day.

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