Dog Powered Scooter

You don't need to go to Alaska to experience the thrill of dog sledding. Give this practical urban mushing a try! Scooter puts the driver in control of the dog with no commands necessary.
This dog powered scooter is the first dog pulled device to place the dog/dogs behind a steering wheel! This gives the rider precision steering control of the dog with no commands necessary. The scooter is easy to ride, safe, and appropriate for the urban environment.

 Virtually no dog training is required, making dog mushing accessible to most breeds, age of rider, location and season. The scooter is very stable and safe but still provides enough excitement to be a sport. Can handle up to 4 medium size dogs. For best results and the best value your dog/dogs need to be youngish, athletic and have the drive to go/pull. These units are not recommended for couch potato or overly spooky dogs.

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