Doubleback Van

Must have for your next road trip. Revolutionary design and functionality. The Doubleback combines the practicality of driving a compact van with space close to that of a full motorhome.

Based on the popular VW Transporter, the DoubleBack brings a new dimension of design and practicality to the Camper Van. Constructed from aircraft industry standard materials, it is as durable as it is practical. The DoubleBack has been inspired by a desire to see a truly spacious, comfortable camper with all the advantages of a smaller vehicle.
  • Visually impressive.
  • Truly unique.
  • Perfect for short and extended breaks.
  • Simple. No navigating narrow country roads in a large motorhome.
  • No worries about finding a space that's big enough to park in.
  • Arrive at your destination and in under 45 seconds you can slide out the rear section electronically to give you two usable rooms. The electric slide out rear Pod adds almost 2 metres to the length of the vehicle when stationary.
  • Practical. As the rear door still opens normally, in day to day use you can still carry around whatever you like as you would in a regular van.
The Doubleback is designed to meet the requirements of both professional and amateur sports – whether you're into climbing, motocross, karting, surfing, cycling….the list is endless. Whatever you're into, complete your adventure with a DoubleBack Do more. Much more.

Love your biking? Carry internally four bikes or a scooter (with optional ramp) –you can park these inside the vehicle and worry a lot less about security. The optional ramp also allows you to work on your bikes or scooter at a comfortable waist height.

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