Edible Food Spray

There are some things in life you just can't see enough of. Food Finish chrome plates and gold coats everything and anything in the kitchen. Food safe and tasteless.
Esslack was developed in a small food factory which supplies high-quality fine pastry shops with food coloring. With this new spray can application,  you can add a dash (or spritz) of creativity and ingenuity in your home kitchen. It is ideal for finishing off any kind culinary creations.  For example, serve your guests a chrome trout. Or gold-plated asparagus tips. From silver muffins to gold steaks to red peas - with Esslack it's absolutely simple. Just spray on. The Esslack spray  is safe, edible, and absolutely tasteless.

100 ml of edible food color spray in gold, silver, blue or red.

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