Kisses Urinal

Take a walk on the wild side and go beyond standard white porcelain. Transforms a daily event into a blushing experience! Guaranteed to improve men's aim.
Sanitary ware has been standard white and strictly functional for ages. But standard is not what Bathroom Mania opts for! In our busy and demanding world the bathing-experience is the moment for reflection, peace, a bit of rest and for simply dreaming off into another world. Take a journey into your own imagination, with sanitary ware that is innovative, playful and exciting.

The Kisses! urinal transforms a daily event into a blushing experience! Works better than aiming at the fly! This is one target men will never miss! The urinal is engineered to European standards; please review the specifications to ensure the urinal can be installed at your location. Two variants are available: a top- and a wall-inlet. Check to see which variant meets your wishes best and order now! Worldwide delivery available.

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