Landwalker Robot Suit

Be prepared to take on the world. Strap into your very own 11 foot tall, 1 ton Landwalker Robot Suit and you're ready for Armageddon!
The Land Walker is a one-man, two-legged robotic exo-skeleton, 3.40 metres in height. Made with the assistance of P.A. Technology, the walker is designed the Sakakibara Kikai Co. and Ltd. Although it's not likely to catch any robotic villains at 1.5 km/h, there's always the dueling guns that are locked and loaded with squishy pellets to show them you mean business. The vehicle's design features a cockpit, two legs, and two air cannons (each firing large rubber balls which ironically cost more than bullets). The legs end in feet containing wheels that help push the walker forward.

Shipping is not currently offered outside of Japan. As for clearing customs, you're on your own.

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