LED Blade Runner Umbrella

Even if you don't live in a quasi-futuristic Los Angeles and you aren't a Blade Runner, you can still have the coolest umbrella on the street. Lighted shaft illuminates you and your path.

Early in the 21st Century, the Tyrell Corporation advanced robot evolution into the Nexus phase - a being virtually identical to a human - known as a Replicant. They're all around you, even now. That guy next to you? He's a Replicant. How do we know? He's walking the streets in the rain with no umbrella.
In the pre-apocalyptic future, the air will be so thick, it will be dark in the middle of the day. Coupled with the almost constant rain, you'll need to find a way to stay dry and light on your way to the noodle shop down the street.
With a push of a button, the shaft lights up, illuminating you and your path. Now, even in the darkest of nights, you're a lot more visible to the cars on the street, making your long walk home through the rain a lot safer. Perfect gift for anyone!

Product Features
     *    Futuristic umbrella with LED light-up shaft
     *    Button on/ off control
     *    Operates by button battery, safe to use under rain
     *    No more worry even in the dark
     *    Turn the light on in the dark street so that the car drivers aware you.
     *    Effective to prevent accidents
Product Details
     *    Length: 32.5" / 82cm
     *    Opened diameter: 41" / 105cm
     *    Color: Black
     *    Power: 3 x LR44 Button Batteries (included)
     *    Condition: Brand new
     *    Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

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