Marshall Amp Fridge

The coolest icon in music just got cooler. Made with classic Marshall partsand authentic Marshall facing, this fridge pays homage to a legend.
Just like any other group of people with a common purpose, rock 'n' roll bands need to consider the things that are of utmost importance to them. Things like a fridge full of cold beer. After a long day of face-melting guitar solos, you’re going to need a cold beverage. You could grab a beer out of the boring white Coleman you purchased from a big box store. Or, you could grab one out of the greatest looking fridge in the known universe. The Marshall Fridge is a replica of rock’s best known amp.

Outfitted with authentic Marshall parts and styling, the minifridge gets the details right. In addition to the power and standby switches, control knobs are included on the facing -- and yes, they do go to 11. While they may not actually control anything (seeing as they are labeled presence, bass, middle, treble, master, and preamp), they do add the appropriate tone to the appliance.

Designed to look like a classic Marshall amp half stack, the Marshall Fridge won't rattle any windows, but it does hold 4.4 cubic feet of beer. A freezer incorporated on the top shelf is perfect for chilling down the hard stuff.

  • Authentic to the bone
  • Made with classic Marshall parts
  • Jim Marshall Signature
  • Genuine Marshall Logos Control knobs that go to 11
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