Motorized Skates

Too lazy for inlines? Battery powered, motorized skates that strap right on to your shoes.

spnKiX are battery powered, motorized skates that strap right on to your shoes.

All hardware and electronics are integrated into a frame made of fiber reinforced nylon. One motor and battery pack per foot. A hand held, wireless remote controls the speed for both feet at the same time and allows you to vary the throttle with continuously variable speed control. They come with removable training wheels to help you get started. After you get some training sessions in, take them off and glide like a pro!

How big are spnKiX?

They are about the size of a big pair of boots, 9"W x 10.5"H x 9.5"L (each).

How long does the battery pack in each spnKiX last?

You can go about 6 to 7 miles per charge depending on the angle of the surface you are rolling on. Uphill vs. straightaway vs. downhill.

How long does it take to charge the battery pack?

It takes around 4 to 5 hours to charge the battery pack. The battery packs are removable so you can get more if you need them.

What shoe sizes will fit in spnKiX?

Currently, spnKiX fit shoe sizes:
Men 6-14 (US/CA) 38.5-46 (EURO) 5.5-13.5(UK) 24-31.5(JP);
Women 7-15.5(US/CA) 37.5-48.5(EURO) 4.5-13 (UK) 23-31(JP).
Down the line, we will accommodate more sizes.

What is the rider weight limit for spnKiX?

We recommend no more than 180lbs.

What is the spnKiX max speed?

spnKiX can travel up to 8mph. The remote has continuously variable speed control.

Can I do tricks on spnKiX?

We do not recommend doing tricks with spnKiX, but ultimately it's up to you to decide on how you want to use them.

Are spnKiX waterproof?

Light rain or wet pavement on the street shouldn't be a problem. But spnKiX cannot be soaked in water.

Do spnKiX have brakes?

spnKiX can be slowed down in three different ways: You can push the remote button backward to slow down to stop. You can take your finger off of the hand held controller which will slow you down pretty quickly. You can also use the stopper located on the heel, which replaces the training wheel, to slow you down. This works similar to the brake on a pair of roller skates.

What type of warranty do spnKiX have?

spnKiX come with a 90 day warranty.
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