RC Missile Launcher

Here's your chance to save the universe! The remote control HAILFIRE DROID is packed with missiles and ready to attack!
The Star Wars Clone Wars Hailfire Droid Radio- Controlled Vehicle is rolling into battle. It cuts a fearsome path as it moves over the ground, blasting anything in its way. Watch out - this mobile battle droid easily changes direction to keep the clone trooper army on the run.

The first Star Wars R/C vehicle to be offered in the 9.5-cm. scale, this powerful droid vehicle is armed with 18 projectile-firing cannons that can be fired from the handheld remote to take on opponents from a distance. Sensitive remote-controlled handling makes this droid great for flips, stunts and taking down the 9.5-cm clone army. Between its versatile maneuverability and high-fire power, no galactic army should be without it!

Product Features:

  • Vehicle and controller with clone trooper figure
  • Exciting, radio-controlled, "intergalactic" vehicle fires 18 missile accessories
  • Controller features fully directional steering with forward, reverse, right, left and even 360- degree spin
  • Vehicle requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Controller requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
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