Smart Phone Laser Tag

Obviously, as with any blaster toy, the object is to shoot your friends! The AppTag does the shooting and the smartphone keeps score and tracks everything else!
AppTag Laser Blaster brings first person shooter console gameplay to smartphones in the real world. The App even adds Augmented Reality objects such as medkits, armour, weapons and ammo packs! For targeting we use a focused infrared beam and sensor for the 'laser' so it's totally safe.

Each unit has an IR sender and receiver, and the AppTag unit works together with an attached smartphone or iPod Touch. The AppTag unit communicates with iPods, iPhones or Android devices using high frequency sound - so it just works with no Bluetooth or WiFi setup required.

The high frequency sounds are well out of human hearing and don't disturb animals since the volume is quite low. Importantly - the headphone jack remains free, so we can use the microphone and the speaker for sound effects and in game communication.

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