Star Trek Vulcan Hat

Always wanted to be a Vulcan but couldn't commit to that haircut? Let your Trekker flag fly with your very own Spock Toque. It's only logical. And keeps your ears warm, too!
You know what would rock? A SPOCK TOQUE! Like, it would be black, and cut right across your forehead (like his bangs) and his skintone ears would be the part that covers YOUR ears! And from that simple request was born "Live Long and Keep Warm"-- a hat to transform you (or a friend!) into a perfectly logical being.

One size fits most adults, the hat is fairly stretchy and designed to hug the head like a wig. As sold, the hat is knit with black acrylic yarn, and the ears are made with a finer acrylic yarn. A variety of tans and browns are available for the ears,  if you need a darker shade than the one shown. Wool yarn is available for an upcharge. The lead time for this item is around 6 weeks.

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