Swimmer's Treadmill

This aquatic version of the treadmill allows you to swim without changing your position. Adjustable current speed satisfies all kinds of swimmers, from beginners to the most advanced.
Swimming is one of the healthiest and most popular forms of aerobic exercise but, because of their size, most home swimming pools are not adequate to practice swimming. The constant turns required after only a few strokes makes you lose your concentration. Swimmill makes the length of your pool infinite and allows you to enjoy swimming for any time or distance you choose in your own home. The impelling unit that generates the water current is installed by hanging it on one side of your pool. It is attached to the pool the same way pool stairs are attached, producing a very natural looking pool environment.

A hydraulic power unit installed away from the pool powers the impelling unit. These two units are connected with two hydraulic hoses. There is no electrical connection between these two units and therefore no electrical hazard associated with the Swimmill.

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