Switchblade Pocket Comb

This switchblade may look dangerous but it's just for fun! Made famous by "the greasers" of the 1950's, the comb "blade" stays concealed in the handle until you press the button to eject.
The original folding pocket comb was made by a greaser who would modify a switch blade knife to eject their hair comb. They did this so they could always have a cool comb in their pocket at all times and it really kept them lookin' tough! This one is just for novelty and laughs.

When closed the quality 3" comb "blade" stays concealed in the handle of this intimidating switchblade. Slide down the saftey lock and press the button and the blade quickly ejects revealing the harmless yet functional comb. Your hair will always look great when you have the Switchblade Pocket Comb - Folding Switch Blade Hair Brush by your side. Show off to your friends; whip out your switchblade, press the button and then comb your hair!

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