Transport Perceptual Pod

The pod is a personal light, sound and space environment. The egg shaped shell creates a cozy space with temperature controlled water bed, sound system, and integrated LED system.

The "Transport" perceptual pod is a personal light, sound and space environment for one or two. Inspired by the infinite space found in the desert with its blue sky. The Transport allows people to escape into a trance-inducing field of color, music and vibration. What appears from the outside to be a round shiny egg, with an elliptical opening, inside is a womb-like space. As you lie inside on a fluffy cloud-like cushion, you float away on a temperature-controlled waterbed. Sound vibration from the subwoofer resonates through your body and sends it to a blissful state. The all white domed space is your own personal sky. It becomes a canvas for a fusion of colored light.


handcrafted fiberglass shell and bed
temperature controlled round water bed
phillips color kinetics LED lighting system
anthony gallo high fidelity sound system
ipod universal dock


wireless: iphone/ ipad app controller for lighting and sound
outdoor: clear acrylic hinged opening cover
built-in hidden compartments
soy based fiberglass
memory foam bed
accent lighting


soy based fiberglass
LED lighting system by phillips color kinetics
organic cotton cushion and bed


standard shell size: 6'-6" L x 6'-6" W x 3'-6" H**
standard: bed size: 5'-2" L x 5'-2" W
standard v2 bed size: 6'-6" L x 6'-6" W
standard: weight: 350 lbs
large: shell size: 8-6" L x 8'-6" W x 4'-6" H***
large: bed size: 8-6" L x 8'-6" W
large weight: 500 lbs
power: 12V / 125V grounded
material: fiberglass composite
finish: shiny polished gel coat (exterior). matte gel coat (interior)
color: white (interior & exterior)
lead time: 8 weeks
delivery: worldwide

**designed to fit disassembled through a 7'-0" H x 3'-0" W door opening
***designed to fit disassembled through 9'-0" H x 6'-0" double door opening
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