Tron Legacy Motorcycle

Inspired by Tron Legacy, this is a fully functional, street legal motorcycle. You lay flat on the motorcycle just like in the movie as you cruise the mean streets.

If you’re a motorcyclist and saw either the original Tron (1982) or the more recent Tron: Legacy (2010) movies, you can’t help but want to get on a Light Cycle and show the “programs” how to ride. You’ll never live your life on a circuit board, but you can do your best impersonation of star protagonist Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) with the electric-powered Xenon light bike.

Evolve Motorcycles has built the Xenon, a “light bike” styled after the Light Cycle in the Tron Legacy movie.  The Xenon features a 40,000 watt motor powered by a custom lithium-ion battery system, which propels the bike at a top-speed of up to 100 mph over a 100 mile range (based on speed and weight).  Features also include a handcrafted fiberglass frame, 32-inch hubless rims,  OLED light tape, and a custom built lithium ion battery system developed specifically for the Xenon motorcycle.

A 40,000-watt motor is powered by either a 60 or 120ah LiFe PO4 battery pack and packaged in a fiberglass chassis built by Parker Brothers Custom Choppers. The Xenon rides on 32-inch hubless wheels and is trimmed with LED light tape to ensure that no one misses your entrance.

For anyone with fond memories of the computerized original, Tron defined a film revolution where technology was introduced in film. Driving this high-end futuristic bike that is totally customizable will definitely appeal to your interests there.

  • Motor 40,000w
  • Battery 60ah Life PO4
  • Range 30 miles
  • Charge time 3 hours
  • Max speed 70 mph
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