Upside Down Beer Glass

Confuse your grandma with this hand blown, glass beer glass shaped like an upside down beer bottle. The 12 ounce "Hopside Down Glass," is dishwasher safe and comes in a gift box.
Fred likes to glug his beer right from the bottle, but Mrs. Fred is appalled. So Fred went out and did something about it-he created this bottle-in-a-glass as an homage to real men like him. Hopside Down is handblown, precisely crafted and unexpectedly deluxe. Get the giggles going early with a novelty glass from Fred and Friends.

Shaped like an upside down beer bottle inside a regular glass, The Hopside Down design is great for parties or everyday fun. The 12-ounce glass is handblown and precisely crafted; comes in an individual gift boxed, so makes a great gift idea. The tempered glass is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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