Zero G Experience

Once in a lifetime opportunity to experience true weightlessness aboard a specially modified Boeing 727. An environment is created where you can float, flip and soar as if you were in space.

The ZERO-G Experience™ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience true weightlessness.  On our specially modified Boeing 727, parabolic arcs are performed to create a weightless environment allowing you to float, flip and soar as if you were in space. Guests will have the unique opportunity to float freely and lighten up in complete weightlessness onboard the ZERO-G flight. It’s not simulated; the flight pattern replicates the same levels of weightlessness enjoyed on Mars (1/3-gravity), the moon (1/6-gravity) and zero gravity.
  • Imagine flying like a superhero or floating like an Astronaut. Experience true weightlessness the same way NASA trains its astronauts, in a special Zero-G aircraft flying out of Las Vegas or the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that only astronauts have been privileged to experience up to now.
  • ZERO-G is the only company in the world approved by the FAA to offer this new kind of "adventure tourism" to the general public.
  • Enter a place where one moment you will be quietly lying on the padded floor; and the next moment, you will rise slowly and begin to float free in the air — absolutely weightless!
  • The "G-Force One" flight lasts about 90 minutes and features 15 parabolic maneuvers.
  • Everyone celebrates with a back-to-Earth "re-gravitation" party — there are toasts, awards and mementos that include your ZERO-G flight suit plus personalized photographs and a DVD/video of your unforgettable day.
  • Price does not include travel to or accommodations at the Florida or Nevada locations.

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